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Frequently Asked Questions

Look thinner in days!

What's your fastest weight loss program?

My fastest weight loss program is controlled appetite suppressant medication and FREE daily prescription appetite suppressant injections. Most patients lose 1-3 pounds per injection their first week, so try to get to the clinic every day for your injection.

What if I can't come to the clinic every day?

Try to get here as often as you can for your free injections. Fastest weight loss is on 6 free injections a week. If you can't get here every day, try to get here at least 3 days a week. Twice a week is better than once if week. Try to get here as often as you can.

What if I can't come to the clinic at all for injections?

One injection a week, with your controlled appetite suppressant medication, will still help you lose weight quickly, safely and effectively. Always get your injection, every time you come to the clinic for you medication. If you can only make it once a week, let me know and I can add additional prescription medication that can help you lose weight almost as quickly. But once again, fastest weight loss occurs when you can come to the office 6 days a week for your FREE daily appetite suppressant injection.

What's the best way to lose weight, if I can't come to your clinic?

If you can't come to the clinic, you can still lose 5-10 pounds your first week and 2-5 pounds every week. Follow my diet on the site, starting with - Bars or Formula. When you can't do Bars of Formula any more, go on my Walk, Swim or Fly Program. Take a Diet Results Pack every day to help you lose weight faster and feel better while you are on my program. If you are craving sweets or starches, add a Sweet Pack or a Starch Pack to your Diet Results Pack.

What else can I do to help me lose weight?

Read my free e-Book on the site, ""The Little Book That Makes You Lose Weight"" It really does make you lose weight.

You can lose weight now!

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